Since the unveiling of the LeBron 12, Nike's been putting their new Hex-Zoom cushioning system to the test across other sneaker lines including the Zoom Agility, and Zoom Hypercross. For those of you waiting for the technology to grace some of Nike's best running shoes, it looks like your time has come.

Nike unveiled a sample of the Flyknit Racer enabled with the all-new Hex-Zoom cushioning and hopefully the release is sooner then later. The Flyknit Racer is already one of the Swoosh's premier runners with it's lightweight design, but the addition of the highly flexible Hex-Zoom could elevate the shoe even further. Another solid note of interest is Nike opted to use a multi-color look for the sample, which is always welcomed when it comes to the world of Flyknits.

As we said, this is just a sample and no official release date is scheduled, but it's good to know Nike continues to experiment and test out the new technology along each of their footwear lines.

Image via boyfanfootball
Image via boyfanfootball


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