This is fantastic news. You may remember Chris Douglas-Roberts as Derrick Rose's sidekick on Memphis' runner-up team to Kansas in the 2008 NCAA Title game. Recently signed to the Los Angeles Clippers, the NBA journeyman is back in the spotlight after making an unorthodox uniform request.

Douglas-Roberts will rock a pair of short-shorts this coming NBA season, bucking the trend of baggy shorts that the league has gravitated towards since John Stockton's retirement. CDR, you see, was never a fan of the "big" shorts preferring the much more "wavy" short ones. SLAM Magazine reminds us that the Lakers experimented with short-shorts for the first half of a 2007 game against the Celtics, however, the experiment didn't bode too well for the Lakeshow.

Check out CDR's tweets on the matter below and keep it with Sneaker Report in the run up to the NBA season for all your uniform news.


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