If you've spent time in any Chinatown around the world, then you're probably familiar with the "Chinatown" bag. Those nearly indestructible, colorful, plaid bags are arguably the most versatile in the world. Used for laundry, moving shit, storage, and lugging kicks to sneaker shows, the bag's uses are endless. In 2007, Marc Jacobs made it the centerpiece of his Louis Vuitton collection. During the same year, Jack Spade honored the bag with its "Canal Street" collection of accessories.

For its adidas collaboration, CLOT is the latest to use the bag for inspiration. Using the ZX Flux as its canvas, the CLOT crew decked out the shoe in the bag's signature "White/Red/Blue" print. While the shoe does look pretty dope, CLOT couldn't reveal any further information. Could these just be samples? Friends and family exclusives? Who knows. But if you want to be first to find out what the deal is with these, you'll want to keep tabs on CLOT's Instagram. Worse case scenario, you can make your own pair via adidas' mi ZX Flux program.

[via clotinc's Instagram]