When promoting a new product, more times then not professional athlete's will be the focal point to give the impression that the apparel at hand is tried and approved by them. While this formula will never go away, adidas is flipping the script by focusing on real, everyday runners and athletes to promote their latest campaign.

The ad from adidas shows everyday women running around London and showcases the true joy the sport brings them, without having to be a professional at it. While they might not be the best or fastest athlete's in the world, the "real runners" campaign is something everyone can relate to and can inspire other women to live a more active lifestyle.

One main "star" of the campaign is Sophie Christabel, 25, from Bow. Lawyer by day, and fitness blogger and avid runner by night, Sophie was asked to join on simply for her love of the sport and nothing else. "I love running in London and seeing so many famous landmarks when you're running - it's very inspiring. I like seeing the architecture change as you run through different areas - you can always find somewhere new." said Christabel. "It's such an honour to represent every day female runners and to be part of something that will hopefully inspire other women to run in London too."

Adidas brand director Nick Craggs said, "We know that women are running in greater numbers than ever before and we wanted to create something that speaks uniquely to them."

adidas isn't the only company focused on the little people. Men's Health recently announced a contest that would place you on the cover, yes you, of their next issue. The campaign is looking for the "Ultimate Men's Health Guy", and if you fit the criteria, you can grace the cover of one of the biggest health magazine's around and join the ranks of fellow cover holders that included David Beckham, Jason Statham, and even Obama.

Check out the campaign and hit the streets this weekend, adidas wants to hear about it.


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