It's no secret that fakes are ruining sneaker culture. If you're one of the few who has the magic eye and can identify a fake pair of kicks from a mile away, consider yourself two steps ahead of the game.

Fast-spitting rapper Twista recently sat down with Sneaker Watch where the Chicagoan's knowledge of kicks was put to the ultimate test. Sneaker Watch handed Twista a pair of the "O.G. Spizike" VI and asked him if the sneakers were real or fake.

After examining the sneakers and pointing out discrepancies with the bubble unit on the midsole, Twista called the sneakers fake, but not before expressing some indecision. He quickly changed his mind and said the sneakers were real after Sneaker Watch tried to confirm his first response.

In the end, the sneakers ended up being fake, so technically, Twista was right the first time. Peep the video to see how it all went down and to find out how exactly the sneakers are fake.

[via Sneaker Watch]