Alright Germany, you think that World Cup title was impressive. Let's see you do it on bicycles.

Yes, cycle ball is a very real thing. The footage above is from the Union Cycliste Internationale World Cup in Japan from 2010. First introduced in 1893, the sport pits two teams against each other made up of two cyclists each on fixed gear bikes. To make things even more challenging, the bikes do not contain breaks or freewheels. As in soccer, use of the hands is prohibited, as cycle ballers (Is that what you call them?) may use only their bike and head to control the ball (except when protecting the goal, of course).

For those wondering, the 2014 UCI World Cup is currently underway with play scheduled to resume in August. With the finals set for Dec. 6 in Grosskoschen Germany, you can bet that Sneaker Report will be tracking the action as it unfolds.


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