What would you do if a pair of "Red Octobers" were lying on the ground in front of you? Would you pick them up and walk away? A recent video explores this idea, and a sneakerhead posed as a sleeping homeless man with a pair of fake Yeezys by his feet—just to see what people would do.

In the clip, there are a few people who take the sneakers—in which they're instantly confronted by the "homeless" man—and there are others who try and rectify the situation. Regardless if the sneakers are real or not, it shows people's true intentions and their desire to come up on a few Gs. For the record, the all-red Yeezys are currently available on Flight Club for $4,500-$5,000. That's a lot of cash. Enough, in fact, to make random citizens contemplate living with an unclean conscience, and possibly commit a crime, to accrue the sneakers.

Watch the clip above to see what went down.

[via youtube]