There's no debate that wearable technologies are the wave of the fitness future. Getting tangible results from your workout's and tracking the body's vital signs can provide information to help elevate your workout so users can track where they need improvement. Pavlok just launched a new wristband that not only offers feedback, but provides a jolt to users when they fail to reach their fitness goals for the day.

According to Pavlok, the new wristband compels you into keeping workout and fitness goals by using feedback, reinforcement and electric shock. Pavlok realizes change is hard, and breaking old habits is even harder. The wristband allows users to select their commitment level, choose daily actions, and unlike anything else on the market, holds you accountable for not completing the fitness goals with a tiny jolt. Pavlok's wristband not only punishes you for missing workout goals, it offers positive reinforcement for completing them offering up prizes and even money.

The Pavlok wristband prototype is currently available for pre-order and will arrive in fall of this year but is limited to just 200 pieces. For those who miss out, you can pre-order the wristband as well for a decreased price, but unfortunately won't ship out until 2015.


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