Waiting in line for sneakers sucks. As much as we all love the latest Air Jordans and LeBrons, sitting on the sidewalk outside of a store for hours just isn't an ideal way to spend a morning, afternoon, or night—sometimes all three if the release is that big.

This is where New York resident Robert Samuels comes in to make sneakerheads' lives a little bit easier. You see, Samuels considers himself a "professional line sitter." Whether you're interested in the latest iPhone, a limited-edition pair of Jordans, entry into a sample sale, or just a cronut, this man has you covered. And he takes the gig very seriously.

Samuels started the company Same Ole Line Dudes (SOLD Inc.) back in December 2012 and even has a network of friends-turned-employees to help out. His company charges $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional half hour. And the business has proven to be quite lucrative.  In just a single week of work, he can make up to $1000.

The next time there's a sneaker drop, you might want to consider contacting Samuels and his company to secure a pair of the latest kicks for you.


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