Drake is officially a member of Team Jordan and has even been given two "OVO" versions of the Air Jordan X and XII. But the biggest knock against Drake in the sneaker community is an incident that happened in 2009.

It's common for people to assume that Drake once wore a fake pair of purple Air Jordan Vs. If you read any article discussing Drake and sneakers, you'll see comments like, "Yeah, Drake was a huge sneakerhead when he wearing fake Vs, huh?"

But those "fake" Vs weren't actually fakes, even though they had a purple suede upper and sitching through the side panels. They were customs by C. Williams. So if Drake was rocking real Jordans, albeit customs, where does the hate come from? It's rooted in the altering of early Air Jordans.

The base sneaker for Drake's purple custom Vs was the "Black Metallic" V. That's the sneaker that Jordan wore in his last ringless year in the NBA. It's the sneaker that Will Smith wore as the Fresh Prince in his neon yellow and blue hat with the pushed-up brim

So what if we erase this one minor faux-pas by Drake or accept that he wasn't wearing fakes? Does that change anyone's perception of Drake as a connoisseur of sneakers? Do we forget that he's worn Oregon IIIs, Mocha IIIs, and XVIIs?

Or better yet, will we stop getting bombarded by people blindly saying, "But Drake wore fakes!"

Because he didn't.