Who: Mark Bostic
Twitter: @JumpmanBostic

Yes, I definitely would pay money for a better quality Air Jordan retro without question. I remember having a round table chat with JStar25 and SoleSurvivorDetroit a few years back about that this, not long after that the Nike Air 88 Retro III released for the exact price, we stated that we would pay for a better quality and Nike Air retro. It released for $200 on February 6, 2013. I had no problem with the price point, the materials reminded of the older Jordans with the crisp tumbled leather mixed with the smooth leather, and the Nike Air was a great feature. If Jordan Brand went back to the roots and put more attention to detail, I'm sure many wouldn't mind the increase in pay for better quality. But also, they need to make the quantity more and stop with the limited availability of sneaker they know would sell out anyway.