In the latest creative scheme to further engage fans into the game, Purdue is allowing people to put a picture of themselves on logo of the helmets for the upcoming season.

In a publicity and marketing stunt that seemingly comes right from a minor league baseball organization, the Purdue Boilermakers announced via their Twitter page, that fans can get a photo of themselves on the helmets for next season. There's very little information as of now, but according to the post, fans have to buy a VIP card by June 10, and can have their picture as part of a photo mosaic that will make up the Purdue logo on the helmet.

The opportunity is only being offered to season ticket holders and students at this time, and Purdue is hoping to include roughly 1,000 pictures on the helmet. Of course, Purdue has the right to refuse any picture they deem inappropriate, but this seems like a pretty ingenious way to get the fans more involved and potentially boost season ticket sales for the Boilermakers.


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