These Nike running shorts will come in handy as you desperately try to get your pile of a body into peak beach form before that July 4 pool party. But going to the gym doesn't mean you have to be swagless. Weather permitting, throw these shorts over some running tights and hit the streets, but not before you make a dope ass playlist. Throw some DMX in there, a little Tha Carter III and round it out with some new dance jams from Disclosure for "When A Fire Starts To Burn" in your lungs. I guess you also gotta make sure you've got the right shoes first and foremost. So hit an actual running store where they will determine your feet are all sorts of fucked up. Then, cop some orthopedic-looking joints. Then, hit a GNC and make sure you've got some pre-workout energy bullshit and some other recovery protein bullshit. Damn, all of that sounds exhausting enough on its own.