It's no secret that DJ Khaled is one of the biggest sneakerheads in the game. Name an exclusive sneaker and chances are dude has a pair in his collection. The best part about his passion for kicks is that he really lives and breathes the culture, and has fun with it, too.

Nice Kicks had a chance to catch up with him on their latest episode of "Sneak Peek" and watch as Khaled stunts with some sneakers you'll never own. The best part about the episode is when dude starts renaming some kicks you might recognize. Peep the sneakers below to find out what they're called in Khaled's world.

"Don't Ever Play Yourself" ("Legends of Summer" Air Jordan III)

"Camo War Ready" ("Army Olive" Air Jordan V)

"Bahama Waters Baby Blue" ("Un-Powder" Air Jordan IX)

"Forgot to Buy Dress Shoes and I Still Wanted to Wear Sneakers and I Could Wear This as a Dress Look/Street Look" ("Red Snakeskin" Nike Air Python Lux)

"Thank God Summer's Here" ("Green Snakeskin" Air Jordan XI Low")

"When We Meet Snakes, We Skin 'em and We Put 'em on Our Feet and We Make Sure We Walk and We Beat the Shoe up So Bad Because We Don't Like Snakes" ("Baby Blue Snakeskin" Nike Air Force 1 Low)

"The Red Sea" ("Carmine" Air Jordan VI)

[via Nice Kicks]