For everyone that participates in this shoe game, flexing on the 'net with your best sneakers is just part of the culture. Whether they're on feet or on display, seeing another sneakerhead's collection will never get old. From piles of general release kicks to temperature-controlled rooms devoted to exclusives, it's all in good fun to show off your passion.

Sneaker News had the chance to catch up with New York-based collector Gerald Morales (a.k.a BikeManX) to get a glimpse into his crazy 700-sneaker collection of rare gems and exclusives.

From general release kicks to Jordan Brand PEs and Nike samples, BikeManX collects them all. Peep the photos below for a small taste of his collection and head over to Sneaker News for a complete look. Just don't get too thirsty now.


[via Sneaker News]