A few weeks ago, the Supreme x Nike Foamposite collaboration caused insanity down on Lafayette Street in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. That sneaker, though, isn't the only Foamposite that people are going crazy for. There are tons of Foams that get bought and sold on eBay for way above retail.

To get a better clue of what's going on with the Foamposite resale market, we got in touch with Josh Luber, the man behind Campless. He crunched the numbers for us to find how much people shelled out for Foams in the past year. (Note: Data is based on 12 months of eBay auctions ending 3/1/14 + Supreme Foam auctions during first week following release.) Some of the numbers are bigger than you'd expect.

So, How Much Are Nike Foamposites Really Selling for on eBay? Here's the answer.