Where do sneakerheads get their information? Well, for most of them, it's sneaker blogs. This is where early images of Air Jordans, release dates, and everything in between gets shared and posted on the Internet.

But sneaker blogs function as much more than an alert system for when a pair of Air Jordans will drop. They're just as much a part of a sneakerhead's life, these days, as going to Foot Locker on a Saturday morning. They serve as a place where sneaker culture gets discussed, reminisced about, and critiqued. And some blogs do it better than others.

To rank the best sneaker blogs right now, we took into consideration some criteria. For starters, we eliminated corporate sneaker blogs. That's a different list for a different day. We also noted how much impact a blog has, and whether it's able to carve its own niche within the plethora of other websites. Smaller sneaker blogs—although they deliver good information, but not as frequently, and often focus on one particular brand or style—were left off the list, too.

So let's start the debate: Here are The Best Sneaker Blogs Right Now.

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