Not every sneaker blog has a million followers on Instagram or gets 50,000 people to read its articles. There are smaller sneaker blogs that are usually run by one (sometimes two) people, and deliver a more personal aspect to their ideas on the culture and everything that surrounds it.

We turn to these blogs to get a different perspective on sneakers or read them because they're covering a unique beat that major blogs tend to ignore. It's rare to see a larger blog that only covers New Balance, Reebok Classics, or the performance of skate shoes, but the independent blogs that dig deep into these beats can be a reliable source of expertise. There are also other sneaker blogs that cover the same info as larger sneaker blogs, but don't have the financial backing of a media outlet. But they're still good, too. We read them a lot, and so should you. If you're a good enough sneaker blog—take a look at Kix and the City—you can transcend the gap between independent and larger sneaker blogs.

If you're not up on game, here's an opportunity. Here are The 15 Best Independent Sneaker Blogs Right Now.

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