About two weeks ago, Nike unveiled the "Sparkling Sunburst" as the final installment of the Tight of the Moment collaboration with designer Yuko Kanatani. For this particular tight, Kanatani wanted a design that embodied the powerful feeling you get when true inspiration hits. According the Yuko, this feeling is most accompanied with bright and vibrant colors that reflect the true joyful mood that comes across people when inspiration strikes.

The Nike "Sparkling Sunbust" Tight of the Moment comes in three pieces: a sports bra, women's tights, and a specially designed three-part footwear system. The specialized print coupled with Nike Sport Research’s body map, allowed Yuko to match her designs to the athlete’s muscles using heating and cooling zones.

Check out each piece in the collection as well as the whole Tight of the Moment collaboration over at Nike.com.

Nike Sparkling Sunburst Tight Bra
Image via Nike.com

Nike Pro Sparking Sunburst Women's Sports Bra


Nike Sparkling Sunburst Tight
Image via Nike.com

Nike Pro Sparkling Sunburst Women's Tights 


Nike Sparkling Sunburst Tight Footwear
Image via Nike.com

Nike Studio Wrap Pack Sparkling Sunburst Three-Part Footwear System



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