We've all been drawn in by infomercials before. With promises of quick fixes, it never ceases to amaze us the lies innovation of some of these products. While some may be corny and filled with cheesy punchlines, there's always that gem that stands out. Take for example this infomercial for a portable exercise bike called the Sit 'N Cycle.

Now, you'd probably be better off, you know, actually running, if you're trying to get fit, but we give them props for lacing the elderly woman in a pair of the Air Jordan XI Low "Pink Snakeskin" joints from 2001. They might not win over consumers with the actual product, but at least they'll know they can rely on sneakerheads to tune in when Sit 'N Cycle 2 drops. Speed up the video to the 52-second mark.

Instagram user @__king_louie__ also posted a short clip, watch below.