5 essential workouts
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With the warm weather upon us, this is the season many people crack down on their workouts in hopes of getting in the best possible shape. Whether your an avid fitness junkie or a novice looking to begin training for the first time, variety and proper technique are essential in gaining your desired results. Our good friends at Fast Lap Fitness are here to get you in peak condition by offering up some workout tips that could be vital towards getting you to where you want to be.

Check out the videos and see how you could bring your workout to the next level.

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Med Ball Chops on Bosu Ball

Areas Targeted: Balance, Core, Legs, Arms, Shoulders

A workout made for balance and core strength, Med Ball Chops look simple but it's quite the contrary. The Bosu ball challenges you to keep you balance while performing a chopping motion with a medicine ball to make it a full range high intensity workout.


Areas Targeted: Depends on stretch performed

One of the most overlooked areas when exercising is the importance of stretching. Flexibility leads to increased balance, stronger muscles, less stress on muscles and joints, and increased recovery time. Two types of stretching are static, where you stay in one place, or ballistic, which is more dynamic and is done while bouncing or moving. Either type works but a solid incorporation of both can enhance your performance drastically.


Areas Targeted: Full Body, focus on legs and back

Cycling provides a fresh workout thats low impact on joints and bones, but high intensity on the muscles used. Unlike running, cycling decreases friction on the joints and at a constant pace, keeps your heart rate higher then running would.

Stability Training With Swiss Ball 

Area Targeted: Full body depending on workout

Swiss ball have grown in popularity over the last few years because of their vast options in variety for workouts. The Swiss ball can be used for planks, core strengthening, and push ups just to name a few making it a essential for targeting problem areas.

Cross Training With Mountain Bike Intervals

Area Targeted: Legs, core, back

Interval training is a low to high intensity workout with weight and resistance increasing over the time of the workout. Integrating interval training in your routine can increase your overall output and help break personal barriers you had trouble breaking before. The low to high intensity workouts keep your heart rate up and make for a more complete routine.