Carmel, Ind.'s Rise Skateboard Shop pretty much broke the Internet when it told its customers that if they didn't skateboard, then they would have to pay $216, twice the retail price, for the Nike SB "Tiffany" Dunk Hi that releases tomorrow, Friday, February 8.

In a recent Instagram post, the shop left the following caption, explaining its motives:

We will be releasing the "Tiffany/Diamond" this Saturday(Feb.8th) at 11am! We have the shoes(8-13 in very limited numbers each size!), t-shirts, and socks! ONE pair per person! NO phone orders! NIKE sells us limited SBs. We use them as a tool. These tools help us support ourselves. In return, we support OUR SB scene. SKATEBOARDING SCENE! This is a way that NIKE gives back to SKATEBOARDING! Bring your board, leave us the box, and you can skate away with shoes for $108 (box price). NO board, you keep the box, and you can walk away for $216. Since this seems to be such a difficult concept for people to understand, I will try to explain it a little more clearly. These are just shoes. SKATEBOARDING SHOES! Not that you literally have to skateboard in them. Correct, most skateboarders don't skate in dunks. For obvious reasons! NIKE makes limited dunks so that shops can bring money into skateboarding. This way shops have more tools to do more with. You skateboard in the "Tiffany/Diamond" then you will get them for $108(box price). YOU COLLECT OR RESALE, YOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND APPRECIATION FOR OUR SKATEBOARDING COMMUNITY WITH MONEY! THIS WAY WE ARE ALL GIVING BACK TO SKATEBOARDING!!!

Will people still pay $216, or show up with their old skateboard in hand? 

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