There's nothing more powerful than a rapper's co-sign, at least sometimes it feels that way. Rappers latch onto their favorite products and proudly rep them in songs, commercials, and in their daily lives. And when they put on a pair of sneakers, everyone notices. Sneakers and hip-hop have a life-long connection, and so do rappers co-signing which sneakers they rock. But even when a rapper tells the world that they're down with a certain sneaker or brand for life, it doesn't mean that they will stick to that promise. With big money or personal taste in play, rappers have been known to change their mind about their favorite sneakers as much as much as politicians do on fiscal policies.

Last year, Kendrick Lamar told the world that he's only going to wear the Nike Cortez, while Action Bronson admitted that he only cares about New Balance. They're not the first rappers to attach themselves to a sneaker, and they're also not the first rappers to break those promises, either. As long as rappers have been endorsing sneakers they've been changing their minds about sneakers. Here are 10 Rappers Who Flip-Flopped on Their Sneaker Co-Signs

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