Living in the shadow of Marshall Faulk isn’t all bad, sometimes it means you get PEs. And then you can turn around and sell those PEs for $12,000 on eBay.

Currently sitting on the bay waiting to be snagged is a pair of Marshall Faulk Jordan IX Low PEs. Made for the NFL Hall of Famer in 2002 while he was playing for the St. Louis Rams, the rarely used model is made up in white and metallic gold. Jordan Brand opted to make this pair extra special by replacing Michael Jordan’s jersey number on the heel with Faulk’s, 28. And, in case there was any confusion who these were for, a tag that simply says “FAULK” is sewn onto the tongue.

The untrained eye may quickly confuse these with BIN Jordan IXs, a valuable sneaker by its own right, but these were never released. Perhaps that would explain the sticker shock you’re feeling at the five-figure asking price. Buying kicks off eBay can be a little tricky, so use some caution. At least the seller is throwing in the shipping for free. It’s the little things. Click here to buy these sneakers instead of paying rent this year.

[via eBay]