Back in August 2011, éS footwear went into a “creative retreat." Not only did this occurrence shock the skate world, but it also caused many core skaters around the world to re-evaluate their sneaker brand of choice.

But the big question was: What caused éS to take some time off?

“We wanted to stop and re-think about design, the market, and our skateboarding community,” Pierre-Andre Senizergues, founder and CEO of Sole Technology, the company that houses éS, told us. “While on this creative retreat, we didn’t realize the brand had such a following and that it was extremely iconic.”

Signature models like the Accel and The Edward were staple shoes in éS' collection, and the brand's skate team once included the likes of Tom Penny and Eric Koston in the mid-'90s. But don't expect those skate shoes to hit the U.S. anytime soon, Senizergues said.

There's great news, though: éS is back.

The brand is launching six news shoes on Friday, February 14 at 100 skate shops around the world. It won’t be a full-on comeback, because each style will be limited to only eight pairs per every store.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen after that,” Senizergues said. “We just want to bring some excitement back.”

Here’s a first look at the sneakers that éS will be dropping this Friday. For more updates, follow éS on Twitter

The Accelerate, $70

The Accent, $65

The Accelite, $75