Skateboarders and sneakers go hand in hand. When someone goes through as many sneakers as skaters do, they're forced to have a constant on eye on a new pair. And if you're talking about skater sneakerheads, no one is bigger than Eric Koston.

The folks over at Acclaim Magazine caught up with Koston, who is on his second signature sneaker with Nike SB, and asked him a pressing question: "What SB Koston colourway have you been rocking lately?"

Which Koston answered:

Um lately it’s an almost mint green, but then there’s always black. I’ll go for loud colours like the orange ones too. The pink was the first one – it was kind of limited and I didn’t think that many people would like it. But now that it’s come and gone.

Don't worry, though - Koston has plenty of other sneakers on deck.

[via Acclaim]