From his storied collegiate career at Michigan to his 15-year run in the NBA, Chris Webber has always had a strong connection to the sneaker world. Delving deeper into his connection with kicks, SLAM Magazine caught up with C-Webb to chop it up about his sneaker history.

After such a long stint as a professinal ballerWebber has surely had an incredible amount of memorable sneaker moments. But for the five-time All-Star, it was the very first shoe he wore when he entered the league that sticks out the most. "The first shoe that I wore in the NBA was the shoe that David Robinson and I had together (the Nike Air Unlimited)."

Amongst the topics was his tenure as the President of Dada.

"Yeah, when I signed with DaDa I actually ran the company. We set some pretty big earmarks that year.I had the chrome shoe that did really well for DaDa. But I told them when I left that it was gonna end. Not ‘cause of me. But I’m a fan of basketball and shoes, and you gotta listen to the fans with shoes, and I think they stopped listening to the fans. I was gone two or three years before all that."

Though his run with Dada yielded minimal success, Webber does have just one regret about the kicks he used to rock. 

"The DaDas. I wore the DaDa shoe on purpose. I knew it was a gold or silver chrome, and I always liked shoes that were down low and not too flashy, and I knew that that would get a lot of attention. But being the president of the company at that time—I didn’t want to be known as the guy who wore those shoes, but I was glad the company that I was working for had that shoe. I’m glad I did it."

When it comes to copping kicks, storage always becomes an issue sooner or later. Such isn't the case for Webber who has a rather interesting setup just to house his couple thousand pairs of kicks.  

"I’ve got a barn" he said. "Yeah. It’s a barn with a lot of stuff, a lot of storage. Some memorabilia and stuff like that, but mostly shoes that I have. Other guys would have [signature shoes] and I just told them to give me 50 pairs back in the day, and I got them and just wanted to keep them." 

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[via SLAM]