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Ronnie Fieg is a busy man these days. Aside from being the mastermind behind premier retailer Kith, Fieg is also a world renowned designer who has a litany of highly coveted collaborations under his esteemed belt. For his latest endeavour, Ronnie took his Kith branding to Paris to open up an exclusive pop-up shop from January 16-22.

In an interview with Sneaker Freaker, Fieg spoke more in detail about both the Puma Disc Blaze collab along with the stores connection to the City of Love. Here are some of the highlights from Ronnie's interview:

On the Puma Disc Blaze:
In my opinion, the Disc is one of the most slept-on and underrated tech retro runners. With the symmetrical toe box, they are now in my top three all-time favourite silhouettes. The Disc deserves a lot more respect and attention and I’m here to help with that. The 3M and the nubuck leather is insane.

On the reason for going to Paris:
Haha, New York is the centre of gravity and sometimes you get sucked into a one-dimensional way of seeing things. I make it my business to think outside the box and explore other territories. Paris is such a great city and I have my very good friend Francky out there, so this just makes sense. The COA (Coat Of Arms) project was all about Paris Fashion Week and getting together with my favourite menswear designers to take what I do to the next level. I wanted to work on a collection that will cater not only to my existing sneaker consumer but to actually hit a different demographic, and what better way than opening a beautiful pop-up shop in the heart of Paris? People will be shocked with how beautiful the shop will be. I’m still shocked myself.

If you are interested in checking out the entire interview,  you can do so with Sneaker Freaker right now. 

[via Sneaker Freaker]