It's not everyday that someone can go outside and climb a mountain. It's even harder when you're an urbanite and the best opportunity you have to climb is up the subway stairs.

For who face this problem The North Face introduces the Mountain Athletics Collection, a digital training platform geared for personalized online training. In tandem to their Mountain Athletics training apparel and footwear, the program will allow many different ways for someone to access the outdoors without having to travel to the nearest mountain range. As a great preparation tool, programs will allow athletes to train for weeks at a time right from the comfort of their home.

Athletes will be able to set outdoor goals from five spring activities such as running a trail race or hiking a 14,000 foot peak. Mountain Athletics will also provide instructional videos alongside downloadable training plans. For those who want train for their next extreme hike, or if you just want to get outdoors more often, The North Face has provided a great tool to reach your goals.

The North Face Mountain Athletics Collection launches on February 24th. Check out a sneak peek of the training program below and find out more information at TNF.

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The North Face Mountain Athletics
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