The New York Times just realized that basketball players like sneakers. This week, the newspaper profiled some of the top sneakerheads in the NBA including Phoenix Sun P.J. Tucker, L.A. Laker Nick Young, and Philadelphia 76er Tony Wroten. "My mom asks me all the time, When is it going to be enough?” Tucker, who stores his 2,000 sneakers in four separate locations, told NYT reporter Scott Cacciola. “I don’t know. It’s an obsession. It’s something that I love. My vice is shoes.” Tucker also told Cacciola that he spends $2,000 a week to buy sneakers, in addition to his sponsorship with Nike.

The reporter also spoke with Evan Turner of the Philadelphia 76ers, who recently splurged on 57 pairs at Sole Control in one afternoon.

“I never really had a lot growing up,” he told NYT. “So I think this is how I feel I’m wealthy in a certain way — just starting a collection and knowing I have them.”

[via New York Times]