Kicking off the New Year right might be as simple as downloading the right app. Today's best fitness apps can inspire, instruct, track your daily progress and help you set new goals. Here are some of the best, check out 10 Fitness Apps to Help You Start 2014 Off Right.

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No. 10 - Gorilla Workout 

Cost: Free
Perfect For Someone Who: Is Trying to Get Fit on a Budget Gorilla Workout can help keep you fit until you have some of that gym membership cheddar.
It provides you with over 40 workouts that require no equipment. The routines mix cardio and strength training to get you in shape without having to lift so much as a dumbbell. There are four levels of Gorilla Workout, so you you'll have new challenges as long as you remain financially challenged.

No. 9 - iTreadmill 

Cost: $1.99
Best for Someone Who: Likes to Run in the Great Outdoors While there are many fancy run trackers on the market, sometimes all you want is the info from a treadmill quickly and accurately displayed when you are trucking it through more scenic terrain.
Thankfully, with iTreadmill, you can stash your phone in any pocket, forgoing the straps and velcro that many pedometers require. The app's Pacer Dial ticks off beats to keep you at your desired speed. And, just like your gym treadmill, you can't cheat the iTreadmill: when you stop moving, the app stops with you, waiting for you to push through to the finish.

No. 8 - Nike NPT Boom 

Cost: Free
Best For Someone Who: Wants to Get Motivated Nike has been attempting to create the best music app for your workout for years, and the newest iteration from them is NPT Boom.
This time, Nike has created a way to sync your favorite tunes to training workouts to motivate and regulate your workout. NPT Boom offers more customization than any previous music-fitness fusions from Nike. Not only are you choosing your music, but you also have control over the variety and duration of your workout. The app is at its best when you coordinate your exercise to the parameters of the app. For example, if you want to incorporate intervals into your running routine, you can have Larry Fitzgerald motivate you to kick your game into high gear.

No. 7 - Cardiio 

Cost: $2.99
Best for Someone Who: Has a Heart ... and Wants to Know What It's Doing Though $2.99 is a basically a fortune as far as apps go, the magic of Cardiio is worth every penny.
If you just look into your phone's camera, Cardiio can tell you your heart rate. We consider ourselves pretty tech savvy, but the only way we can explain this is that it is pure magic. Cardiio puts your heart data into digestible graphs and charts so that you can understand how your heart rate may impact you and what changes have occurred with your oh-so-vital organ over time. We also give Cardiio points for sense of humor, as your can not only compare your heart rate to your network of friends, but also to Lance Armstrong or a cougar.

No. 6 - EndoMondo 

Cost: Free
Perfect for Someone Who: Gets Fit in the Great Outdoors While there are a ton of running trackers out there, EndoMondo is one of the only apps that can track of your duration, distance, speed, and calorie burn during any outdoor activity.
Whether you parasail or roller ski, EndoMondo can help you set goals and shatter them while you take your fitness to the extreme. If you find yourself using EndoMondo on the daily, invest $5.00 and upgrade  to add interval programs, personal best challenges, and calorie goals to your EndoMondo experience.

No. 5 - Fitness Builder  

Cost: $9.99
Perfect for Someone Who: Knows You Have to Build Your Workout Before You Build Your Body.
Though the price has not come down since we last recommended this app, it is still the leader for building the best workout for you. With over 200 workouts to choose from, this app takes your personal information and spits out a workout that is going to help you kill it at the gym. With over 2,000 images and videos, Fitness Builder also helps you keep your form in check while you get your fitness in gear. If you have some extra iTunes gift cards lying around, upgrade to the $4.99 a month package that doubles your workout options while adding more videos and accessory applications. If all of these tools at your fingertips isn't enough to get you pumped, you can stream coaching audio and video to help motivate you. The only problem with this app is that you won't have any excuses left to give less than your best in the gym.

No. 4 - Fooducate

Cost: Free
Best for Someone Who: Wants to Eat Better
There have been a number of apps that utilize barcode scanning to keep you informed on the nutritional value of the food you eat, but the streamlined, clean look of Fooducate makes it stand out from the pack. The first thing you see when you scan the barcode of a product is a letter grade created from Fooducate's advanced algorithm to help you with snap grocery decisions. If you want to delve deeper into the food's value, you can look at caloric content, nutrient value, and general tips for each product. Fooducate also boasts an incredibly simple feature that many similar apps miss: it tells you if people actually like the food or not. If you buy it and don't like it, then it's just going to end up in the garbage anyway, and we like that Fooducate understands that hard truth.

No. 3 - Nike+ Running 

Cost: Free, though numerous accessories and add-ons are on the market
Best for Someone Who: Runs
Anyone who runs should have this app. For those of you who have been under a fitness rock, Nike+ Running offers a number of benefits to any runner. First off, the app offers a precise recording of you pace, time, and distance, giving you the data you need to properly track your training. When you use the app with the help of your computer, you will be able to keep track of the routes you have run and view the relative pace from your workout. Combine these major features with the thoughtful integration of music and social media, and you have what amounts to the best runner's aid on the market. Props to Nike, as they show no signs of slowing down their commitment to their consistent improvement of this great app.

No. 2 - FitID 

Cost: Free
Best for Someone WhoWants to See What's Out
There Many social fitness apps have missed the mark over the last several yeas, but we think FitID may have finally gotten it right. FitID catalogs workouts and diets shared by the community and puts them in the palm of your hand. Whether you are curious about trying out a CrossFit workout or a Paleo diet, FitID can help you find comprehensive plans to integrate the hottest workout trends into your routine. Like any great social app, you can share tips and start discussions with the robust community on FitID, which will not only help you discover new fitness strategies, but will also help you execute them. If you ever decide to jump on the other side of the weight rack and become a fitness professional, FitID is a great way to grow your business by reaching out to clients. In short FitID, has made us into social fitness believers.

moves-on-iphone5s copy

No. 1 - Moves  

Cost: $1.00
Best for Someone Who: Wants to put all effort into working out, and not playing with your phone
Moves is effortless so you can focus on moving. Download the app, keep it open and go about your daily life. You can track your project by the day, week and month to determine steps, calories and miles you've amassed each day. Simple and effective, Moves get's our #1 vote.