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Christmas is right around the corner and the first thing that every sneakerhead or hooper will have on their list is a pair of kicks. If this is the only thing on your list let's make sure to get it right. Here are the best performance options on the market right now. This is 10 Performance Basketball Shoes We Want This Year.

Nightwing2303 is the owner / publisher of KicksOnCourt and contributor to Sneaker Report. He hoops on the regular and loves sneaker tech as much as he loves food, and he really loves his food. You can keep up with Nightwing2303′s on and off court adventures on Twitter and Instagram

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No. 10 - Nike Zoom The Glove 

Maybe not the best hoop shoe on the market but that Zipper will lure you in faster than bacon on... well, anything. Mmmm... bacon...


No. 9 - Nike Hyperdunk 2013

You can't go wrong asking for a pair of Hyperdunks. Seriously... get a pair of Hyperdunks and you'll be more than happy on-court, no matter your position.


No. 8 - Reebok Q96 

The Reebok Question is arguably Reebok's most iconic sneaker. Change it up a bit and call it something else... that'll make you want a pair... you just won't want to spend your own cash on them so you throw it on your Christmas list.


No. 7 - Jordan 6 Rings

You want to wear your Retros on-court but you're worried about messing them up? Don't worry... that's what the Jordan 6 Rings were made for.


No. 6 - Jordan CP3.VII 

CP3 is on a roll this season and you want to be too... so you ask for his sneakers. Seems logical.


No. 5 - adidas Rose 4

You were going to ask for a torn meniscus but you thought that might come across weird so you asked for the Rose 4's instead... just kidding, just kidding - relax. You've actually been watching Damian Lillard break ankles in these since Rose went down and now you want a pair of the adidas Rose 4 'Lillard's'.


No. 4 - Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM

Since the Kobe 9 won't be releasing anytime soon you might as well get the most out of your Kobe 8 experience. But hey... they're Kobe's... can never go wrong with Kobe's... except the 7's but we'll just pretend those never happened.


No. 3 - Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 

The Spawn by Under Armour is the most well rounded performance model of 2013 so they'll take care of you on-court and you'll say that's the reason you want a pair. The real reason is because you're a closet Warriors fan and by wearing these kicks you hope to shoot lights out like Curry.

No. 2 - Air Jordan XX8 SE

You've heard so many great things about them but you've been pulling your hair out trying to track down a pair in your size... so you pass the job on to your parents and let them deal with during the Holiday rush. Genius.


No. 1 - Nike LeBron 11

One of the most tech-ed out pieces of performance footwear Nike's put out in a long time and they have LeBron's name attached to them so you NEED them really badly. That and they're $200 bucks so its literally the ONLY thing on your list in hopes your parents will take that into consideration while shopping... this plan is fail safe.

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