Megatron is the baddest villain on the block of cartoon history. It was a rule of thumb to buy Megatron, and then your favorite Autobot, when limited by Mom’s infamous “only-going-to-buy-two” stare. Even though you might have been rooting for Optimus Prime, somewhere deep down inside there was an undeniable excitement level as Megatron appeared on screen. If you’re not a Lions fan, the hidden rise in your heart rate is familiar as Calvin Johnson takes the field.

Seconds left in the fourth, Lions at the 40-yard line, high end-zone coverage—you know it’s only going to one person. As you peek through the hand covering your eyes and witness CJ extend over three defenders for the TD, your stomach sinks as it did when a Transformers episode left on a Decepticon win. Allowing you to re-live your wildest childhood fantasy, Nike has teamed up with Hasbro to introduce the Megatron Rises Collection, inspired by the baddest receiver in the game.

On Nov. 26, both trainers hit select Champs Sports stores, and the Megatron Rises Collection featuring all three shoes and action figure drops exclusively at the Nike Yardline in Cherry Hill, N.J. Champs Sports is giving away the limited edition action figure with purchase of the Nike CJ81 Trainer Max “Megatron” as well.

Browse the collection at and find the retailer nearest you.

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