With 2003-2010 already in the books, NIKEiD is ready to put their latest pair of commemorative kicks on full display. 2011 was a rather eventful year in LeBron James life. Pegged as the most coveted free agent coming into that season, the basketball world sat on pins and needles as they all waited to see where James would go. While I was praying that he would join my beloved Knickerbockers in New York, that seemed to be just as big a farfetched notion as him resigning with the Cavs. If you remember anything from 2011, we know that “The Decision” is definitely one of your fondest sports related memories. In paying homage to that fateful day when James opted to take his talents to South Beach, NIKEiD has created this rather vibrant pair of “Miami” Nike LeBron XI’s. In following up on the royal heavy “2-Time MVP” pair dedicated to 2010, this latest version sports a fresh Miami Vice-like colorway. What better way to finally cross over into the Miami side of LeBrons career than by creating an electric color scheme that truly represents the Kings new scenery down in Florida. Now that we are on the more recent side of the career spectrum, we are certain that all of you sneakerheads can guess what will come next. 



[Photos via NIKEiD]

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