The latest in soccer technology is here as Nike introduces the Incyte Ball to the FA Cup for the 2013-14 season.

The most technologically advanced Nike soccer ball to-date (released earlier this summer) features a high elasticity layer on the surface to help the ball travel faster with a cleaner strike. The "first touch" feel that is so important to the game is enhanced thanks to a five-layer construction, and Nike's RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology maximizes the ball's visibility for a faster reaction time. No further information is provided on this "RaDaR" technology, so Sneaker Report is left to guess that this haphazardly capitalized word is in reference to the ball's graphic pattern or color palette.

We'll all be able to try it out soon, as the mango and navy hued ball will make its debut in the FA Cup First Round Proper on November 8 and will be available just in time for the holidays beginning December 1.


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