Allen Iverson’s Question model will forever be regarded as a bonafide classic amongst the sneaker community. Whether you remember the shoe for its iconic silhouette, or for the fact that AI rocked them when he gave MJ the crossover business during his rookie season, the Question has more than solidified its place as one of Reebok basketballs cornerstones. While the model is still being dressed up in new colorways and finding retail success, it looks like it has received a modernized upgrade of sorts. Fully equipped with a 3D FuseFrame upper, the Reebok Q96, features some notable design cues from its OG inspiration. Amidst its new lightweight build, all of you sneakerheads will notice the OG Questions toe box and lacing system are thrown into the fold. Further contributing to its new look, is the addition of a modernized DMX Foam cushioning system that has replaced the Hexalite one of old. With the Q96 obviously embodying the new age order of sneaker and technology, will these ever reach the level of popularity the Question did? Or will these fall tragically short? What we do know is that if Jalen Rose’s prediction was right and MJ makes a comeback next season, we better see AI make a return too. Picture it now, AI at the top of the key with these joints on giving MJ the business one last time. Classic. 


[Photos via Hupu]