Throughout NFL history, there haven't been many wide receivers as naturally gifted and impressive as Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. Widely considered to be the greatest receiver of all time, many would go even further and call Rice one of the greatest players in any position. In 2010, the NFL Network selected Rice for the top spot in their top 100 NFL players of all time list. Jerry Rice is best known for his 15 year run with the San Fransisco 49ers, where he picked up three Super Bowl rings and appeared in 12 Pro Bowls.

When it comes to individual records, Jerry Rice eclipses nearly everyone. He's the NFL's all-time leader in a host of categories, including touchdowns, receptions, and yards. And as far as receiving-specific records, Rice holds almost every regular season and postseason distinction possible, including most 1,000 yard seasons by a receiver and fastest player to reach 22,000 receiving yards.

On October 29, 1995, the San Fransisco 49ers were defeated 11-7 by the New Orleans Saints. Despite the loss, Jerry Rice put up 108 receiving yards on 8 receptions. This put his career total at 14,040 total yards, which made him the NFL's all-time leader. From there, Rice would go on to play another decade in the NFL, and remains the all-time leader in receiving yards with a total of 22,895.

During this career-defining moment in 1995, Jerry Rice wore the Nike Premier cleat. This model was especially noteworthy because Rice wrote his nickname, "Flash 80," on the outsole of the cleats, allowing him to throw salt in the wound as he left defenders in the dust.

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