Say someone were to give you a new shoe, and this shoe were of the Air Max or Flywire variety -- you'd be happy with either one, right? With Air Max, you'd get the big cushioning and the classic fly look, and with Flywire, you'd get a dynamic feel and look both on the inside and outside. You'd take either one in most cases, correct? But what if you got both technologies included, plus a new one? That's essentially the Nike Air Max Motion.

Featuring Nike's super-perforated textile upper, Gravitron, the Air Max Motion takes breathability down another road. The Air Max Motion is pretty straight-up for what it gives you. The cushioning is obvious, and the Dynamic Flywire support is in the traditional placement, so your comfort and overall stability are a given. The Gravitron application, on the other hand, appears to allow for zoned breathability where heat traditionally is often trapped (most visibly on the sides of the foot and in the toebox), and the perforations vary in size according to the zones.

As of now, not much is known about the Air Max Motion, but more news is likely to come, so stay with Sneaker Report on the updates.

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