It's widely known that Nike's Free footwear has been a major win for what has become nearly 10 full years of product innovation and refinement of the technology. Particularly, Free has changed the way we all think about what shoes are for and how they actually serve us, not just for to wear, but how we are affected even when we're not wearing them. However, they're not everyone's cup of tea (alas, nothing is loved by everyone), particularly for the crowd that may prefer a higher cut of shoe to wear and train in. Thankfully, the Swoosh has produced for those who appreciate something a little higher.

The Nike Free Trainer 3.0 Mid is a cut above the rest when it comes to height. Taking the same platform as its lower counterpart has, it introduces a mid-cut ankle collar to help with lockdown. Though anticipated initially for the winter in its Shield release, this version is for standard play (don't play in the snow, in other words). Famously versatile, the Free Trainer 3.0 Mid is probably a little more ideal for you football players and basketball players who like to strength train and run in typically higher shoes that you wear on the field and on the court (which works out well with the fused thermoplastic strands on the upper for additional support).

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