While many of us are still anticipating a "Red October", it looks like another pair of Yeezy 2's has decided to make itself seen. Before you think there’s a new colorway on the horizon, we would like to inform you that you should go ahead and pump your breaks now before you set yourself up for an epic fail. Seeing as how the Yeezy 2 went through its fair share of tweeks during the sample stage, we haven’t been able to see exactly what the shoe started out looking like until now. Thanks to GOOD Music signee Cyhi the Prynce, we have a better look at what he has professed to be the first pair ever made. From what we can see, the most notable difference comes in the form of the mesh section on the front end being replaced with crisp black leather and a perforated texture about the top. Prior to this sighting, this particular pair has only been spotted on the feet of Kanye West a couple years ago, by the all-too-friendly paparazzi. Now that we have defused a possible Yeezy crisis, how many of you sneakerheads are actually still excited about a Yeezy 2 release this month? Or has your Yeezy well run dry?


[Photos via 1cyhitheprynce] 

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