In continuing our coverage of the recent additions to the “Camo” Nike Air Max Collection, it looks like the Air Max 90 has gotten in on the action as well. Feeling outnumbered, the “Japan” Nike Air Max 95 has apparently called for back up and will be joined by this pair of “Japan” Nike Air Max 90 SP’s come October 26th. Much like the 95 offering, this pair of AM90’s, will arrive sporting the exact same all over Japanese Jeitai-inspired camo print as well. Continuing to following the same camo path blazed by its AM95 counterpart, all of you sneakerheads will also see the miniature Japanese flag make an appearance on this pair of kicks inner lining. Throw in the matching camo box to which these will be housed in and you have the second Japanese addition to the aforementioned upcoming collection. As the old adage goes, there is strength in numbers. With that in mind, how do all of you sneakerheads think the Japanese offering will do, once they touch down at select Nike Sportswear retailers this weekend? Even though we have seen our fair share of camo releases from the Nike camp, it’s hard to deny that this collection definitely has some juice. 



[Photos via  mita sneakers]

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