If you know anything about New Balance then you know that the company has an extremely rich history in Boston that dates back to 1906. Serving as another staple on the Boston sneaker scene is exclusive retailer Concepts. In case you were wondering what the connection is between the two, CNCPTS is currently home to an ill NB pop-up shop that not only has the brands most important shoes on display but all of their insanely popular collaborations as well. New Balance has truly come a long way since its early days as New Balance Arch under creator William J. Riley. Fast forward to todays day and age, New Balance still remains one of the top athletic footwear companies as their classic designs continue to stand the test of time in the ever-changing sneaker world. New colorways and collaborations serve as the catalyst to keeping the iconic brand in the relevance fold as New Balance continues its reign. So for all of you sneakaerheads who would love to see the history of New Balance and are in the Boston area, make sure you head over to CNCPTS and check out all that the pop-up shop has to offer. How many sneaker companies can say got their name from their creator observing chickens in his yard. 



[Photos via CNCPTS]

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