While "high fashion" may place a greater emphasis on apparel, that of course never leaves footwear to be neglected, even amongst the more luxurious of patrons. Even to those who prefer a nice pair of hard-bottoms over a good ol' set of sneaks, sometimes, you just have to have a fresh pair.

Now here we're not talking about your everyday set of sneakers. Four Pins has just awarded with an in-depth look at fashion sneaks. Yeah, everything from Chanel to Common Projects to Visvim to even Nike and adidas—they're all here. Some of course with higher price tags than others, one thing remains the same, these kicks have made their undeniable mark on the fashion industry at some point or another.

But to check out Four Pins' 25 Greatest Fashion Sneakers of All Time, simply head on over to their website now. How many of these do you have?

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