Before there was Slam Magazine's Kicks and before there was Sole Collector. Even before Nike Park, NikeTalk and ISS, sneaker enthusiasts got their fix through Eastbay catalogs. You ripped out the pages, cut the pictures out and circled everything you wanted each time the catalog showed up in the mail. In some cases, you signed up for multiple catalogs. Or if you were really crazy about sneakers, you signed up your two brothers and your sister, too. That way you had your own. You didn't have to worry about your brothers taking yours and you had an extra one (because you know your sister didn't care) that you could leave around the house. But the Eastbay catalog didn't stop there. You figured you couldn't get the shoes so you would take those cutoutsand slide them into your transparent binder to show that even though you couldn't afford the kicks, you still knew what was up.

Fast forward 20 years and the Eastbay catalog is still going strong. Though you might see sneakers on the Internet all day today, the best thing about the cataolg still remains. When you flip through an Eastbay catalog, it isn't all about the hottest shoe of the moment. It's actually about peripheral vision. It's about looking past the highlighted new release to find the hidden gems we sometimes forget about and the details of releases we can never remember otherwise. Take a look back at some of our favorite finds from Eastbay with 25 Classic Sneakers From Vintage Eastbay Catalogs and let us know the details you see in the memories that follow.

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