It was going to happen, and someone was going to have to make it happen -- adidas decided to be the one to it.

After recently making its miCoach X_Cell widely known to the training world, adidas has debuted its miCoach SMART RUN, a running watch that can track your runs, monitor your heart rate, get actual coaching, and listen to your music, all in real time. It's loaded with GPS to keep you where you need to go, it has a touch screen so you can access everything that you need without pushing any actual buttons while in motion, and it needs nothing to sync to in order to perform -- SMART RUN is very independent in its function.

SMART RUN is made of a variety of materials that are both very strong and refined, such as silicon, stainless steel, Gorilla Glass, and magnesium. It runs on Android's Jelly Bean program, making it a close relative to the Android smartphone in how it tracks and stores your athletic data. There's 4 gigs of data that the SMART RUN has for you to keep your music and workouts loaded on the phone, and it's Bluetooth-enabled for your audio needs, which allows you to get coaching updates yelled to you constantly (kidding...sort of).

Anything you'll need to access to make your run and general training more efficient (and ultimately, more pleasant), the SMART RUN aims to do.

The miCoach SMART RUN will be available on November 1 at


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