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As much as most of us would like to "be like Mike," it doesn't always work out that way. Actually hardly ever. We'd love to be able to slip on a pair of Air Jordans and take flight from the foul line, or slip on a pair of Crocs to get laid, but sometimes the promises of advertisements leave us coming up short of the perceived value of a pair of sneakers. Not that we're planning on giving up the sneakerhead lifestyle anytime soon, in fact, the greatest sneaker advertisements are often the ones that offer the biggest fairy tales. It's not like you really thought wearing Skechers Shape-Ups was going to get you a shot at Kim Kardashian, did you? Come on, Yeezy taught you better than that. Check out 10 Things Sneaker Advertisements Taught Us That Were Not True and let us know if you'll be slipping on Crocs anytime soon.

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