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For baseball's relief pitchers, closing out a game with a save is the ultimate accomplishment. It means that you were able to overcome the pressure and put the team on your back, carrying them on the way to victory. In a single season, many relief pitchers struggle to surpass the 20 save mark, however there are a number who have done that and more throughout history.

1990 All-Star Bobby Thigpen, who spent the majority of his 9 year career with the Chicago White Sox, holds the record for second most saves in a single season with 57. During 1990, Thigpen was seemingly unstoppable, closing out game after game for the White Sox. On September 3, 1990, Chicago hosted the Kansas City Royals. Thigpen pitched the final inning, tallying his 47th save of the season as Chicago won 4-2. Thigpen would go on to finish the season with 57 saves, a record that stood for 18 years until Francisco Rodriguez finished with 62.

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