Being constantly connected and having a love of sneakers for many of us have been a part of life since our teenage years when we first got that Skypager and laced it with the custom clear case and LED lights. Both technology, in the form of the devices we carry with us and in the form of social platforms that connect us closer and closer every day with people around the world, and the community of passionate sneaker enthusiasts have grown immensely in the past decade. 10 years ago, you found out about what was at the store through a text message from a friend, or if you had the unlimited plan, you might have even got an "mms" with a picture of those newly released retros. There was no thought of actually seeing MJ in the mall (or any player for that matter) talking about their sneakers.

Fast forward to today and we've all become so connected that we feel "late" if we step away from social media. The flow of news and information (or incredibly inaccurate rumors), like basketball, never stops. Despite the drastic changes, the fact that we know what's coming in advance and being even more connected with creations like Google Hangouts, it's the same things today that tie us all of us together in the game of sneakers, the memories, opportunities and the desire to achieve. Just ask Blake Griffin.

Saturday, Jordan Brand with the help of The Week in Sneaks Host and Complex Sneakers contributor, Jacques Slade, hosted a Google Hangout with Blake Griffin. Along with Complex Sneakers, people from Sole Collector, Kicks on Court, Kicks Genius and YoAnty were invited to chop it up with Blake Griffin to find out about his first Jordan sneaker and first commercial, the Jordan Superfly.2 and Dr. Drain. Blake discusses what makes sneakers important to him, teaming up with Dr. Drain for some summer hoops and how Dave Chappelle taught him how to do the robot and also reminded us that even as one of the most exciting players in the league, he still has that same love for kicks that keep us coming back for more.