As much as summer hoops is a tradition, so too is ending up with one of those "I can play" type of teammates. Now for the rest of us, those type of guys can have us taking an L faster than the 2011-'12 Bobcats, but for Blake Griffin, that's a different story. Jordan Brand has found Blake Griffin a new teammate for the summer and he goes by the name of Dr. Drain. He might not be seeing things properly through those sport goggles he's got on but with Blake's love for the game, it seems to be working out for Dr. Drain and Mr. Griffin quite nicely.

Brian O'Connor, Jordan VP of Global Marketing, had this to say about the new commercial. "We are thrilled with the film. We feel like it captures the spirit of Blake, summer basketball and the Jordan brand all in one story. Blake's athleticism and personality really come through in the film and will resonate with basketball players everywhere."

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