Lyrics: "Suede Timbs on my feet make my cipher complete"
Artist: Nas
Track Title: "The World Is Yours"

It's a signature Nas line that boils immeasurable talent down to simple luxuries. It also might be a badly missed marketing opportunity from Timberland, because that actually makes a pretty good slogan. We suppose you can use the phrase to sort of portray TImberlands as the rap game's Gatorade. Except instead of athletes sweating red (Side note: wouldn't you be slightly taken aback if you were sweating red?) and physical activity in the commercials, you get Krazy-Eyed Killa-esque facial gestures and straight bars. Then the last rapper finishes his bars, stares at the camera, and the slogan comes up against a black screen: "Suede Timbs on my feet make my cipher complete." Oh what could've been.